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Experienced Family Law Attorney

Since 1984, attorney Patricia A. Kalal has helped residents of Northern Illinois with their divorce, child custody and paternity issues. We are committed to providing you with focused and compassionate legal counsel that takes into account your unique circumstances and goals. If you think you might require a lawyer’s assistance with your family law problem, contact our firm for an initial consultation.

The Law Offices of Patricia A. Kalal helps clients with the following family law matters:

Divorce: The end of a marriage can also be a new beginning, but not if continuous legal battles or unfair settlements prevent both parties from moving on. If you are going through a divorce, an experienced family law attorney can help you seek an equitable resolution.

Child Custody: The most important concern in a divorce is often how to share parenting responsibility. Attorney Patricia A. Kalal has negotiated many custody and visitation agreements that accord with her clients’ unique situations and are fair to both parents.

Paternity: Fathers are financially responsible for the well-being of their children born out of wedlock, but with that responsibility comes the privilege of being able to stay active and involved in their children’s lives. If you have concerns about fathers’ rights or responsibilities, contact an experienced and understanding family law attorney.

Whether you are going through a divorce and want to make sure that your marital assets are valued and divided fairly or whether you want to negotiate a child support agreement that will equitably provide for the welfare of your child, the Law Offices of Patricia A. Kalal can help. Take the first step in resolving your family law matter and contact our firm to schedule an initial consultation.